Four Restaurants In St Petersburg That Are Hard To Choose Between

We have only virtually visited four St Petersburg restaurants so far, and there are many more good places to eat. It would be an injustice not to recommend some more of them for your vacation. Those other four picks were great, but don’t you want to look at some more so that you get a better grasp of what awaits you? Here we go with four more unique restaurants that you are going to want to eat at while vacationing in St. Petersburg FL.

You know I’m going to make my recommendation out of the four at the end, and it is hard not to think this one might be the one. It is The Canopy Rooftop Lounge, and it is located on Beach Drive North East Street. The picture of the lounge are with the comfortable rooftop seating, neon lighting and view looks amazing. It seems like the reviews point to this place being more for drinks and delicious appetizers. That is the only downside, as the cherry on top would have been a full menu. Still, the place serves up some of the best food because it is one of the top ranked establishments in St Petersburg.

Red Mesa Cantina seems like a really unique and nice place, too. It can be found on 3rd Street South, and the reviews say you can count on this establishment for a delicious brunch. And yes, they serve up empanadas in case you were wondering. This one gets an extra vote for me so far, too, because it serves up Mexican cuisine and empanadas.

The third restaurant featured in this article for St Petersburg FL is going to be Moon Under Water. This establishment is located on Beach Drive Northeast Street, and it is a place to get fish and chips and Shepherd’s Pie. Okay, both of those foods now give this place an extra vote.

We still have to fit in another restaurant, and I have to give my recommendation. The place is called Engine No 9 on Dr Martin Luther King Jr Street. It is your place to get wings, burgers, sweet potato fries and more. I love me some wings and burgers, too. This is a tough choice between four good restaurants. I am going to go with the The Canopy Rooftop Lounge, but of I had to pick a runner up, it would be Engine No 9.