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        Saw Blades          FuZhou XuriChang  Industry and Trade Co., Ltd,registered by the relevant state departments of enterprises,is a machinery and industrial equipment company with years of rich experience, always provide the best cutting solution to the customer and the most timely service.We are Mainly dealing with saw blade in domestic and foreign market, which mainly include: high-speed steel saw films, saw the whole alloy, alloy saw blade, wood with a saw blade, diamond saw blade, etc.meanwhile,as manufacturer of saw blade,we are professional enough to meet the requirement of the most of factories.The company’s production technology currently has reached the same level of industry-leading in the saw blade line.with a view to expand the market , the company also created its own proprietary brands which now are doing more better to meet the various production and processing.


        T.C.T Saw Blades | Alloy Saw Blades | HSS Saw Blades | Diamond Saw Blades
        FuZhou XuRiChang Industry and trade CO.,  LTD 
        ICP number:閩ICP備09061832

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